Food Waste Life


The search for an efficient management model that makes it possible to minimise the serious economic and environmental impacts related to the production of food waste that has become one of the main concerns in the European Union.

According to the estimations of the European Commission, annual production of food waste in the EU-27 countries currently exceeds 89 million tons per year. The environmental impact caused is proportional to the emission of 179 million tons of CO2 (3% against the total of emissions of GHG). Forecasts indicate that, if we fail to take action, in the year 2020 these figures will increase by 40%.

Through the development of the "Food Waste Treatment" project, a solution is proposed allowing the organic and inorganic fractions contained in the waste to be treated and managed independently. Therefore, it is possible to implement the most convenient recovery process in each case and both economic and environmental impacts caused by waste management are minimised. The project will focus on three broad groups who are responsible for 60% of food waste produced in Europe: food manufacturers, HORECA channel and distributors.

   Co-financed project by the EC through the Life+ call for proposals in 2011. LIFE 11 ENV/ES/000601